What Happens When…?

What happens when...-

What happens when you decide to do a roundup every 2-3 months and then forget until right before starting the April A to Z Challenge?

You catch up of course!

Here’s some of my best posts since December, in which I answer life’s burning questions:


1. What happens when…gender influences your book choices?

2. What happens when…you put a burger in between two grilled cheese sandwiches?

3. What happens when…you spend way too much time on Tinder?

4. What happens when…you’re a travel superstar?


1. What happens when…you read harder?

2. What happens when…you document your wisdom teeth surgery on Snapchat?

3. What happens when…you find an awesome editorial calendar?

4. What happens when…people use hilarious search terms to read your blog?


1. What happens when…you buy your first lottery ticket?

2. What happens when…tropes in movies are problematic for women?

3. What happens when…you give EDM a chance?

4. What happens when…crutches bring out the compassion in people?


1. What happens when…you spend a day in jail?

2. What happens when…a simple fence reminds you of much more?

3. What happens when…you can’t travel to a blogging conference?

4. What happens when…you document the MFA and other Boston places on the blog, Snapchat, and Instagram?

2 thoughts on “What Happens When…?

  1. I wish I had time to go back and read all those. The jail article was interesting with how it made you feel. I went on a field trip with one of my children to the county courthouse and they showed the kids the holding cells. Some of the children started crying because it was such a dark, grim atmosphere.
    Since I write science fiction and fantasy, I’m very aware of the numbers showing men don’t read female writers. It’s depressing that the college course you mentioned continues the practice. If it can’t be equal in such a setting, how will it ever change?


    • The nice thing about the roundup is that they’re all in one place, so if you find yourself with a free five minutes they’re easily accessible. Thank you for sharing your experiences & perspectives with me!


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