Whether you’ve already perused my posts or whether this is your first stop on my blog, here’s what you should know about me.

I’m Sabina. I’m originally from Portland, OR, where umbrellas are a sign of weakness and being different is not just allowed but encouraged. I now attend college in Ithaca, NY, where my inability to handle the snow reveals my weakness and being different is still 100% okay (thank god for that!).

DSC_0410 copyMy personality is a strange mix of introverted and extroverted, Type A and Type B, homebody and traveler. I take photos and I knit. I’m always telling stories, sharing experiences, and documenting memories for the future.

The title “Victim to Charm” is directly stolen from a song by an Austin-based indie folk band called Wild Child. I find myself easily charmed by people I meet, places I go, and things I experience. Sometimes that charm misguides me, but sometimes it leads me to brilliance.

On this blog I explore the things that captivate me: photography, feminism, language, traveling, college happenings, people I encounter.

Is being a victim to charm empowering or detrimental? Only time, and this blog, will tell.

For hand-picked selections of the posts you should read first, go to Best of Victim To Charm above!

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        • I’m not entirely fluent, but I am proficient enough to have actual conversations. Working on becoming fluent someday.
          Nice to meet you too! Thanks for saying hello :)


      • My wife is an SLP. She had a minor in French but really hasn’t used it in her career. She has done everything cradle to grave, doing eating and swallowing, cognitive and higher level thinking as well as what most people think (fluency, language, etc.). She’s worked hospitals, clinics, schools, home care, nursing homes, etc. There seems to be a huge range of options for a career.


        • Depending on where you live, I can see how French might be less helpful professionally than Spanish. It’s true, most people think of SLP as being just articulation, but there’s really a whole bunch of things we do for clients. Like you say, it’s pretty flexible too in work environment, which is one thing I wanted because I tire of things quickly sometimes.


  2. Hi Sabina. having lived in Portland for a while and been a honorary Portlander, I love reading blogs from fellow Portlanders. Cannot wait to check out your blog properly – looks great so far!


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  6. Hey Sabina! Just confirming that you’re good with doing the Feminist Friday discussion post at the end of this week, on Sept. 19. I’m about to announce it at Part Time Monster, but if there’s a change, we have plenty of time to make adjustments.

    I haven’t been around much the last couple of weeks, but I believe I’m back.

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  7. Hey, gonna go ahead and post that schedule in about an hour from when this comment posts. Sorry for the short-notice confirmation, but that post needs to go this afternoon. I’m not actually committing you to anything, so if we need to adjust, just let me know and I’ll do something else this week. No worries either way.

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  8. OMG alright, so I definitely just checked out this about me page and, first off, you are really pretty! I hope that doesn’t come off weird or creepy, I promise it was only meant to be a compliment.

    Second, I also vlog! I am definitely going to check out your YouTube videos, maybe you can give me and my friend’s joint YouTube a chance?


    • Hahaha thanks girl! Not creepy at all :)

      I haven’t even TOUCHED YouTube in months. I’ve watched maybe 5 videos maximum since August and haven’t made anything since about then either. I got really disenchanted with it, which is a shame, but it also left me more time to blog instead. That said, I loved my YT years and I’m glad somebody in the blogosphere gets that too!

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  9. Thank you for the follow! As a newbie it means a lot to me :-) You’ve got my attention with your about page, so I’ll be following you too… nice idea for the archives page :-)


  10. “My personality is a strange mix of introverted and extroverted, Type A and Type B, homebody and traveler. I take photos and I knit. I’m always telling stories, sharing experiences, and documenting memories for the future.”
    Except for knitting…Hi sister! You have a beautiful blog and I want to see more of it going forward as a follower.

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  12. Buon giorno (I chose to say it in Italian because neither of us speak Italian). I know your awards policy but I just wanted to nominate you anyway just because. I nominated you for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. Love you!

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  15. Hello from Oswego, NY! I completely understand the inability to handle the snow/cold (I’ve been doing it my whole life and still hate it!) Anyway! You have a great blog going here. Following you :)


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  18. I have a random question: where in Ithaca do you go to school? A friend of my family’s just graduated from Ithaca College.

    And now I have one more bit of randomness: I will be in Portland next week; do you have suggestions for non-touristy, interesting things to do?


    • Ah I go to IC also! What a coincidence. As for Portland, I love the Portland Poetry Slam (if you’re into that kind of thing and will be there on a Sunday night)–obviously good for getting a feel of the locals. Other activities/places that both locals & tourists like: Voodoo Doughnut/Blue Star Donuts, Powell’s Books, walking the Waterfront Park/Eastbank Esplanade, Glowing Greens mini golf, and Salt & Straw on NW 23rd (that street has lots of little boutiques and restaurants). There are also a lot of cool theaters (Living Room Theaters, Cinema 21, etc.). For food, I recommend Tapalaya, Swagat, Killer Burger, and any of the food carts around 3rd & Alder (I think) or near Portland State. That should tide you over :)


          • That would have been almost unbelievable if you’d known her!

            Thanks again for the Portland information. I am looking forward to seeing the city. (I’m going for work, to a conference, and am much more excited about the city than I am the conference…)


            • It’s not unheard of–the school is relatively small and I find that social circles overlap pretty often! You’re very welcome, I hope you enjoy Portland! Let me know if you need any more recommendations or information :)


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