Search Terms: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Some search terms make sense and direct readers to what they want. search terms 1

Others aren’t perfect, but come close enough to work.

search terms 2

The rest are a smorgasbord of “erm,” “okay then,” and “WTF?”

Some people seem to be coming to my blog for advice on personal matters and…shopping?

search terms 4search terms 5search terms 7search terms 14

Some visitors seemed to need help with school assignments or legitimate research; they were probably wildly disappointed. search terms 6search terms 10search terms 16search terms 12search terms 8search terms 9search terms 18search terms 21

One person asked for Google’s opinion and got mine instead.

search terms 15

And the rest…ummm…

search terms 17search terms 20search terms 19search terms 13

The internet is a weird place.



7 thoughts on “Search Terms: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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