Bye, Wisdom Teeth

I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday.

It wasn’t exactly a David-After-Dentist situation–in fact, I wasn’t even particularly loopy–but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the Snapchats that document my post-surgery experience and figured I’d share here too. Each picture only lasted 24 hours on the app, but this post is presumably forever. You’re welcome.


Bonus: a screenshot from my sister’s Snapchat story.


Double bonus: my friend Zack’s hilarious response to my swollen jaw.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from getting my wisdom teeth taken out, it’s that distraction and humor are sometimes better pain relievers than Percocet. It has way fewer side effects, that’s for sure! (Also, side note: after being on Percocet for pain, I seriously don’t understand why people take it recreationally. It just makes me drowsy–but unable to sleep for very long–and dizzy. Not fun.)

32 thoughts on “Bye, Wisdom Teeth

  1. It’s mean of me to say this, however, I’ll say it anyway. I really enjoyed this post! It’s brilliant how you’ve put your misery in a positive-cum-humorous way!! I’ll only hope you feel better soon and your jaw line gets back to normal. :)


    • It’s not mean! Like I said, humor is the best medicine. I love making people laugh. The best part is that now that I’m a bit more healed and can open my mouth, I can get back to laughing!

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  2. You scare me! I have to get rid of mine in the next months and I absolutely do not look forward to that swelling :( get well soon!


    • Don’t be scared! My sister had a very different experience than I did–she just slept for the first 24 hours, and then didn’t feel much pain for the rest of the week–but I’m notorious for taking a long time to heal. I was nervous too, but you’ll be okay! Combat it with humor :) thanks!

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  3. I got mine out a long time ago, but the worst part was that I was numb for the next like 2 days, my mom had to SPOON-FEED ME WATER! Glad yours went well. Oh and my dad had to carry me out of the recovery room because I was too drugged/dopey to walk. Score!


    • Ooh the numbness would be terrible! The worst part for me was that the original pain prescription wasn’t strong enough, so I didn’t have working pain meds in me before the numbness wore off. My sister was also completely drugged and had to be wheelchaired out, but I stood right up and walked out myself. It’s amazing how differently our bodies react.


  4. I hate that I just laughed at your pain, but way to entertain at your low point! I’m with you on the Percocet, and I’ve often wondered why anyone would take it when they didn’t have to. I’m guessing the mac n cheese makes you feel better anyway. Wishing you speedy healing!


  5. At least you were able to deal handle it whith a sense of humor. And yes, *hangs head in shame* I too laughed at your pain – but in my own defense the faces you made were just too funny :-)


    • Glad you enjoyed! I’m still in pain 6 days later (it’s Saturday, I got them out Monday), but my sister was fine after two days so it’ll totally depend on you.


  6. Suddenly I had a flashback to when I had mine out. I had to have them done one at a time, so I was out of commission for two weeks >.<

    All that ice cream tho :D


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