Boston in Snapchat

Now you’ve seen my spring break trip to Boston through Instagram and had an in-depth look at the Museum of Fine Arts and the North End.

But there’s still a lot from my trip that I haven’t discussed: watching Teletubbies at my sister’s co-ed fraternity, seeing NFL Patriots Jordan Devey and Bryan Stork reading aloud to a group of kids, and making witty comments about Impressionism at the MFA to combat my short attention span for non-modern art.

Here’s my journey through Boston via Snapchat:

IMG_4434 IMG_4437 IMG_4438 IMG_4447 IMG_4449mfa snap 1mfa snap 2mfa snap 4mfa snap 5mfa snap 6mfa snap 7mfa snap 8mfa snap 9mfa snap 11mfa snap 12mfa snap 13mfa snap 14mfa snap 16mfa snap 17mfa snap 18mfa snap 19

This post marks the end of my Boston Travel Tidbits series. For more travel posts, click here

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