The Fat Kid

Ithaca is known for its local restaurants: franchises and chains are few, the downtown area is filled with tons of delicious and unique menus, and Moosewood even inspired a famous vegetarian cookbook.

One of my favorites is the Ithaca Ale House. I can’t order a beer there, so I’m not quite getting the full experience, but their burgers are absolutely delicious and come with unique combinations of ingredients.

My most recent trip to the Ale House was on Friday for my friend Nick’s 20th birthday. We had to wait over an hour to be seated (it’s a small place, and we had a party of 10), so I decided to go all-out with the food. 

I ordered the Fat Kid Burger. It comes with the standard toppings–lettuce, tomatoes, pickles–but instead of a bun, the burger comes between two grilled cheese sandwiches. IMG_3718

Like what. It’s basically three dinners in one. I could barely fit the whole height of sandwich in my widened mouth.

And it was SO good.

Awful for you, I’m sure, but good for your soul. 

good for your soulThen it was time for dessert. The menu included cookies, chocolate cake, deep-fried brownies.

Deep-fried brownies?

We couldn’t resist ordering one to share. It’s a food none of us had ever tried before. They certainly aren’t common, even at carnivals where all manner of foods sweet and savory end up in a deep fryer.

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting from a deep-fried brownie, but I was surprised how much it tasted like funnel cake. It makes sense, of course, because funnel cake is just fried dough, but STILL. The brownie was rich and chocolatey and wonderful, too. And the presentation was beautiful.

IMG_3279If you ever find yourself in Ithaca, I highly recommend the Ithaca Ale House. And why not go all-out while you’re there?

Not all Ithaca restaurants win my heart. Click here to read more!








7 thoughts on “The Fat Kid

  1. Oh my gosh, comfort food to the max :) Who would have thought a grilled cheese hamburger would work??? And that deep fried brownie is a work of art – almost too pretty to eat. (note the “almost” – 😉). Thanks for the virtual share. I can enjoy it with none of the guilt 😀


  2. Grilled cheese burger sounds so freaking awesome. The height issue is my only concern, but I really believe I could make a good try at it. I believe in my willingness to maybe take many small bites and whittle it down.

    Terrible name, though. Not a big fan of shaming customers for wanting a product you’re selling.

    But I’d still try it. Or maybe make one at home. Mmmmm. Homemade grilled cheese burger.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure if customers feel ashamed or less likely to order the Fat Kid cuz of its name. It’s an awesome sandwich and everybody knows :) Definitely a valid point though!
      Yes it’s easily adapted for at home! I’m hungry now…


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