Day In The Life

FullSizeRender-6“My alarm went off at 7:35 AM. I always set it ten minutes before I actually have to be up. I’ve found that ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to pretend the real world doesn’t exist before deciding I’m ready to face it.

I plopped my feet on the floor and padded downstairs for breakfast. As my pasta breakfast cooked—I love the leftovers-as-breakfast lifestyle—I assembled my lunch. Yogurt, ants on a log, apple, one Babybel cheese, and crackers with kale & spinach dip all went into my purple lunchbox. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a weird eater. Lunch foods for breakfast, snacks for lunch. Whatever. Meals are all relative anyway.”

Click here to read my full #DayInTheLife guest post–including a bounce house, a photo shoot, and a massive food receipt–at!

2 thoughts on “Day In The Life

  1. I love dinner for breakfast – I did that a lot in my 20s when I was traveling all over the world. I still remember my first breakfast in Russia when my host mother brought out chicken and rice at 7 in the morning. So weird but so good!! :)

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