Year in Review + What’s Next

If you’re a stats nerd, you probably love getting WordPress’s “Year in Blogging” annual report that highlights your top posts, referrers, commenters, etc.

When I think about this year in blogging, I’m extremely proud. The numbers are impressive, sure, but it’s more than that.

This year, I published 230 posts, including two months (April and November) of posting every day. Pageviews reached over 30,000 and visitors over 13,000. I gained roughly 1,500 subscribers on WP, and I actively engage with a lot of them.

My Feminist Friday posts dominated the most popular category, but I was surprised to see my second-most viewed post was First Impression of My Best Friend, the debut to my “Firsts” series and a revamp of the second post I ever published here on Victim to Charm. It’s a hit with search engines, apparently.

I was featured in a published e-book. I co-hosted a Twitter chat. I got to meet three blog friends in real life: Corina, Allison, and Britta. I networked with Portland bloggers face-to-face, including connecting with a writer who has become a mentor of sorts. I’m giving back to you all by hosting a book giveaway (GO ENTER!). year in review

I changed my major to one in the communications department, which means that now when I put this blog on my resume it’s more of a portfolio piece than a strange unrelated side hobby. I’m thrilled about that, because my hard work has paid off in yet another way.

That also means, however, that this blog no longer serves as a much-needed outlet for writing. My classes and my on-campus jobs center around writing and connecting with people. I don’t need a space to do what I love because I get to spend all freaking day doing what I love. 

I’m busier than ever, so I’ve been considering which activities to keep, which to quit, and which to scale back.

So Victim to Charm is shifting. 

Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing. I’m just scaling back and changing my focus.

In 2016, Victim to Charm will be primarily centered around:

  • Books–Top Ten Tuesdays, plus the 2016 Read Harder Challenge (this time combining tasks to complete the Challenge in as few books as possible)
  • Micro-posts, a la Microvember
  • The occasional Feminist Friday
  • Periodic personal updates in the form of “If We Were Having Coffee” posts
  • Photography (from life and travels)

You can expect to hear from me at least once a week, but I can’t promise more than that at this time. I’m already overwhelmed by how many things I have going on next semester, and I don’t even have to face them for three more weeks.

In the meantime, enter the book giveaway (let me give you FREE THINGS) and happy New Year! 

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