Since Returning Home

I arrived back home for winter break on Saturday night. Since then, a lot has happened. Simultaneously nothing has happened. That’s just how home is.

The following are thoughts and conversations I’ve had since returning home:

jersey selfieHow many people we know will we see at the mall?” “Five.”

“What is that?” “Turmeric milk.”

“This is the biggest Christmas tree we’ve ever had.”

“Comedy BUILDS brain cells. Have you learned nothing from me?”

“Don’t let them tell you that college is all stress and no fun. You’ll have so much fun.”

“You should transform your tattoo into the Dark Side of the Moon logo.”

“I forgot that the dishwasher was grey inside.”

“I didn’t text and drive for the entire 5 hours.” “I’m proud of you. I like you much better alive than dead.” “That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“I can’t believe I threw my shirt in a pizza box.”

“He thinks there’s no such thing as a bad Christmas song. Obviously he’s never heard ‘Christmas in the Northwest.'”

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