If We Were Having Coffee (Blog Friends IRL Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I was up for 22 hours straight yesterday. I went to bed the night before at 6:30 PM because I was truly that exhausted, which meant by 3:30 AM I was up and kickin’. I actually felt more rested than I have in the past two weeks, simply because I let my body dictate when to sleep, rather than the clock. But by the time I finally completed all my social obligations, it was late and I was feeling the early morning wakeup.

the old church

The Old Church

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I finally met a bloggy friend in real life. I tweeted at Allison and asked if she wanted to join me for an author talk at the Old Church in Portland. She said yes, and we got to eat dinner beforehand too. I quite enjoyed the talk about finding and catching stories from everywhere–as author Brian Doyle put it, “I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but it’s good to hear it again and again”–but I also loved getting to hang with Allison for a bit and have a dialogue that isn’t mediated by a social network. I’m hoping there’ll be a time to see her again before I go back to school. If not, I’ve crossed something off my life list.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my weekend is full of unusual social situations. My uncle’s 50th is today, and the whole family is in town for a party. It’ll honestly be strange seeing them for an event that isn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it should be fun. Tomorrow, I’m going to a wedding–with someone I don’t know that well, for people I don’t know at all. It’s a gay wedding, and besides the time and place, I don’t know any details (how casual/formal is it? are we going to the reception or just the ceremony? how does my date even know these people? does my date even know these people, or did he rope me into crashing a wedding with him?). I’m trying to suppress my Type-A need-to-know-everything quality and tell myself I’ll know everything in due time, but it’s making me nervous.

If we were having coffee, I’d turn it over to you. What’s new with you this week? What have you recently crossed off your life list? What’s the strangest wedding experience you’ve ever had.


28 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Blog Friends IRL Edition)

  1. How wonderful that you and Allison got to meet! I’m hoping to catch up with her one day soon. Maybe you, too, before you leave for school. Did you find a car?

    I would be very nervous if I didn’t know the particulars of the wedding I was attending, too. At least the what I should wear part of it! That’s crucial information. The rest can come as you need to know it. But what to wear? No, I would need to know that ahead of time! I hope it goes well!

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    • I think I’ve figured out what I want to wear. It won’t look TOO dressy if it’s casual, but definitely can work at a fancier occasion. Yes, I’d love to get together before I go back to school! We found a car & I’m here for the next three weeks. Maybe coffee this week? Feel free to shoot me an email :)

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  2. Sounds like a fun and interesting weekend, Sabina, and one off to a great start with your blogger meetup! I’ve been so fortunate to experience two and loved every second of the time I got to spend with fellow photobloggers :) Enjoy your celebrations! If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I flew across country from DC to LA for what turned out to be a phenomenal college orientation session for my daughter and then hopped another plane to Denver yesterday to be with my dad on his 92nd birthday this week. My siblings have also arrived – it’s a madhouse but one filled with love and laughter!


  3. Aw, so glad that you and Allison got to meet! There are a lot of you guys that I’d like to meet off-computer someday. :)

    Good luck with that wedding. ;)


  4. Oh, how fun that you got to meet an online friend offline.

    I attended a Hindu wedding about ten years ago. My brother was the “best man” — not sure what the Indian term for it is, but he was the equivalent — and that meant that he was also the keeper of the groom’s shoes, which the bride’s family is always trying to steal. So my whole family was roped into helping my brother protect the shoes…quite the experience. There were also a lot of other Hindu traditions occuring that were nothing like a traditional American wedding. That was also my first time trying Indian food, so it was definitely a different experience!

    And I once went to a wedding once where the groom walked down the aisle to the bride, and he serenaded her on his guitar while he did so. And there’s my best friend who just got married with her dogs as flower girls. :)

    Who knows what’ll happen? These days weddings are whatever you want them to be — so much more personalized and fun! Hope you have a blast!

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  5. Well, I’m just a wee bit jealous that you got to meet a bloggy friend in real life. That’s so cool, Sabina! Definitely something I’d love to do one day!
    Hope the wedding went well and that it wasn’t too strange/uncomfortable. :) I honestly don’t remember the last time I went to a wedding. I guess I just don’t know people who are getting married these days.


    • Soon enough you will. The last wedding I went to I was working as the photographer’s assistant, which was fun in its own way but not like being a guest.


  6. I hope the wedding went well! That amount of unknown is hard!! Though, the idea of a friend inviting you to crash a wedding without telling you that you’d be crashing it is pretty entertaining.


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