Cross-Country Road Trip in 9 Squares

Last month I drove across the United States from Oregon to New York with my friend Matt.

Side note: he’s been begging to be written about since last year (apparently one dedicated post and a handful of other mentions weren’t good enough for him!!). Sometime in the middle of Wyoming he turned to me and said, “Does this count as doing something significant enough to get written about?”

Yes. Yes it does. If you spend 8 days in a car with someone, they get a blog appearance. It’s a rule.

Matt and I went to 14 states and drove almost 3700 miles in 8 days. It was pretty intense, but also so much fun. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, although I’d love to do a Southern route next time just to change up the scenery.

Long hours in the car and lots of sightseeing meant a lot of Instagramming. My feed has even more photos of the trip, but here are some highlights:

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15 thoughts on “Cross-Country Road Trip in 9 Squares

  1. The trip looks amazing! My husband and I plan to road-trip across the country in the pretty near future, and I really can’t wait. There’s so much to see! Oh, and I love Subarus. :)


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