It Pays to be a Diva

I’m notoriously bad at self-care. I overcommit, I rarely exercise, and I often feel guilty when I have unstructured time to myself.

But you know what I’m notoriously good at? Getting enough sleep.

bed pillowsWhen people ask how I manage everything (multiple jobs, classes, extracurriculars) and get 8 hours of sleep each night, I tell them it’s because I get 8 hours of sleep that I can do it all.

A lot of other college students stay up late to finish assignments, which means the next day they’re zombie-like and prone to procrastination or long naps–and work gets left to the 11th hour once again.

I quickly learned that if you’re rested, you can be efficient during the day. You have the energy to put those hourlong breaks throughout the day to good use instead of needing a brain break.

Being productive during the day starts the night before, and I know that I won’t have the energy to be awesome if I haven’t slept.

I’ve made sleeping such a priority that I become a total diva when night falls. I’ll unashamedly admit it, too. I’m a diva.

My sleep environment has to be perfectly dark, quiet, and comfortable. I sleep with blackout curtains drawn, luxurious sheets draped, silence enforced. No socks.

Recently I added a new element to that environment: a Savvy Rest organic wool-latex blend pillow.

customizable insertsIt’s a mouthful to say, but a dream to sleep on. It’s extremely comfortable due to both the natural filling and the customization ability. I chose the wool-latex blend to keep me cool through my first hot, humid New York summer, and I definitely feel a difference.

Even more importantly for a diva like me, Savvy Rest’s pillows are customizable. I’m a stomach sleeper, so my pillow height has to be perfect (and fairly soft) or else it hurts my neck. Being able to take out the filling is honestly a game-changer for me, and I sleep even better than I did before.

Take it from the ultimate sleep diva: if you’re looking to up your sleep game and become more productive throughout the day, I highly recommend purchasing an organic pillow from Savvy Rest.

Now, if only I could become better at other types of self-care…

Disclosure: I received a free organic wool-latex pillow from Savvy Rest in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own and do not include any “talking points” from the company. 

10 thoughts on “It Pays to be a Diva

  1. Nice! My husband is forever complaining about his pillows and getting too hot while he sleeps. I will investigate the Savvy Rest! (I take my sleep-time seriously, too. We have the blackout curtain and a white noise sleep machine. I can accomplish anything with a good 7-8 hours of sleep!)

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  2. All hail sleep! Without it, I’m the worst kind of grouch. I had a horrible patch last year where I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep for 4 months straight (my dog had taken to sleeping in my room, which was fine until she developed a respiratory condition that came with a cough like the honking of a goose at all hours). I mean it when I say I was barely functioning, bleh.


  3. ok sleep diva, I’m a sleep diva too. I have my special pillow already, thanks anyway. Have you heard of Miracle Morning? Apparently, everyone should get up super early to be energized for the day, but I haven’t really bought the getting up early part yet..


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