Thursday Doors – June 4, 2015

Granville Island door

As of now I’m officially joining in with Norm‘s Thursday Doors linkup! It’s a series I’ve enjoyed from the sidelines for a while, but I needed to actually go out and get some door shots before participating.

This photo was taken on Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia. I got up at 5am on my first day in Canada to take advantage of sunrise light, and I’m so glad I did.


36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – June 4, 2015

    • The colors were what attracted me! I don’t remember what it led to, actually. The area is a mix of industrial/commercial, so I imagine it was a store of some sort.


  1. Welcome Sabina – so glad you decided to join us :-)
    If you were going to visit Canada for a photo safari, then Vancouver is certainly a great place to start.
    I love the color contrast between the door and the siding. The colored/etched (?) glass on the left is interesting too.


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