Vancouver in 7 Squares

This past weekend I went to Vancouver, British Columbia for a photography trip, so it only makes sense that I’d supplement that with Instagram posts. Here are some previews from my daily shoots (which you’ll be seeing more of in posts to come)!

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The #Vancouver skyline though. #travel #Canada #city #skyline

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I’m still new to Instagram, so if you use the app I’d love to connect! (@victimtocharm)

30 thoughts on “Vancouver in 7 Squares

  1. We’re going this weekend for my sister-in-law’s baby shower! Yay! Thanks for getting me even more excited to visit the beautiful city! :)


  2. The sunrise photo is gorgeous! well they all are really, but the sunrise one and the library one are my favourites (I love the sweep of that curve!) I take it you found lots of photo worthy inspiration on this trip? I haven’t tried instagram although I love taking photos.

    Is it still only for smart phones or can you upload SLR photos too?


    • I absolutely did! I have a ton of posts coming to show off the photos I took and places I went. Unfortunately Instagram is still only for smartphones. You can access the website on a PC but not upload.


  3. I’ve never visited Vancouver; never got that far on my one and only trip to Canada (but I did visit Niagara, Toronto, Calgary and Banff).

    I’m very jealous :)


  4. This post made me so excited!! I am looking forward to having some new adventures in Vancouver next year. :) My grad school (if I get in!!!) overlooks Granville Island and the bay!


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