How To: Live Tweet the Holidays

Live tweeting is a bizarre thing, when you think about it. Why spend your whole time at an event or during an episode of your favorite show tweeting about it? Seems like it would only detract from the experience.

But sometimes it truly adds to the experience. It gives you a way to compile and share your commentary on an event/show as it’s happening, either for your own reflection later or for the entertainment of others.

Last year I live tweeted Christmas–quotes that people said, silly things that people did, etc.–and now I can look back at the hashtag and remember some of the absurdity going on in my house during that time with nostalgia.

I also live tweeted Thanksgiving this year, although it was less for commentary and more to keep a running tally of racist/classist/otherwise culturally insensitive jokes (from 3pm to 8pm there was a total of 6, FYI). I obviously won’t look back onย that nostalgically, but I tweeted about some silliness that I’d like to remember too.ย 

Obviously the holidays should be about family time, soย too much live tweeting is distracting, but a tweet every hour or so with commentary or a quote is enough to paint a picture of the day without disrupting it.


11 thoughts on “How To: Live Tweet the Holidays

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