We Are In A Book!

we are in a bookWe Are In A Book! by Mo Willems is officially my new favorite children’s book. I stumbled across it while killing time at a bookstore and fell in love.

The book has two characters: Gerald (an elephant) and Piggie (a pig–I was going to let you assume Piggie was indeed a pig but you never know with books these days). They come to the realization that the words that they say are written down, compiled into a book, and someone is reading them, presumably out loud.

Once realizing this, Gerald and Piggie have some fun. They can make the reader say anything they want, so long as they say it first so it’s written down in their speech bubbles.

The two have a grand old time with it. Which tells kids, especially unenthusiastic readers, that books are FUN. Books can be silly, not just serious. Reading out loud is enjoyable and valuable for both the reader and the listener.

WeAreInABook2I’m a sucker for anything meta, and I just absolutely love how the characters discuss how they’re in a book and break down the wall between the reader and the story. It’s a great way to involve reluctant readers and make them excited about character development and plot since they know they can connect more directly with the protagonists.

I think I may be Gerald and Piggie’s new biggest fan. 


2 thoughts on “We Are In A Book!

  1. You’ve got a lot of great choices for Mo Willem. The Pigeon books alone are funny, but I also recommend the Knuffle Bunny series, and the Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. For just plain silliness, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs is hilarious!


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