It’s Wet Outside

I started calling myself a blogger in the early days of Victim To Charm. “If I’m blogging, I’m a blogger,” I told myself, “There’s no minimum number of posts or followers before I can call myself that.” Certainly, this little site was occupying enough of my headspace and my identity to assume the title.

But it’s still a bit weird to me when people outside of the blogosphere refer to me that way. “Blogger.” It feels so official, so professional, and that doesn’t necessarily match my self-image. 

IWO 2It’s Wet Outside with Ollie Bergh started as a college radio show hosted by my friend (and ex-boyfriend, but that relationship was so short and long ago that it’s really more accurate to say friend). The podcast has since gone independent and is broadcasted online. Ollie approached me a few weeks ago, after promoting this post on Facebook, and asked to interview me when I was next home from New York.

I drove an hour south to his apartment, where he and his roommate/co-host have microphones and recording equipment set up for the show. It was only appropriate, I suppose, that it was absolutely POURING outside for the entire drive to the It’s Wet Outside headquarters, but I made it.

The actual interview was a blast. The guys asked me about the blog and its beginnings, but the conversation shifted into other topics too: what I’m doing at school, my opinions on movies, what New Yorkers think of Oregon, that oh-so-brief stint in which I dated Ollie at age 13, and all sorts of other silliness. It was gut-wrenchingly hilarious at times and fairly serious at others, like all good conversations. IWO 1

And there I was, being interviewed as a blogger. That was my title. While my interview on It’s Wet Outside doesn’t mean I’ve “made it” in the blog world, I got to be the show’s resident blogging expert for an hour. I was invited to speak because of my site, and that means that other people see me in the way I see myself. As a blogger. 

For more on It’s Wet Outside, check out the show’s Facebook page. Also, you can follow me on Twitter (@VictimToCharm) to be notified when the recording airs.

7 thoughts on “It’s Wet Outside

  1. I was recently interviewed by a local magazine about being a blogger. And I call myself a very small tadpole in a big ocean of bloggers. It feels strange to call myself a blogger but I guess I am!


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