I’m From…

I am from suburbia

where the PTAs are a little too involved

where people are dangerously unconcerned about crime

where not playing soccer somehow made me inferior

where kids have never even seen the inside of a city bus


I am from eating Indian curry and Thai stir-fry instead of hamburgers and spaghetti

and multiple vegetables often gracing our table simultaneously

and fruit being eaten freshly cut, perfectly ripe, and always in season

and pickiness that I am slowly growing out of (welcome to my life, scallops)


I am from family legends

the time Aunt Lori was left at Safeway and walked two miles to get home

the time Uncle Bob put salt on his pepperoni pizza and shocked everyone

the time my sister said “water did it” when she had been playing in the sink

the possibility that I show facial features from my dad’s absent biological father


I am from the fourteen countries that have a red pushpin on my world map

the first-hand look at Basque separatism

the mysteries of Pompeii

the incredible strength of the Egyptians who built the Pyramids


I am from discovery

finding my favorite band, Wild Child, by clicking through YouTube

realizing tennis, stage crew, painting, dance, and basketball weren’t for me

making mistakes that lead me to new friends and opportunities


I am from near-tragedy

my baby cousin’s skull-fracturing fall that I could have prevented

my dad’s pre-cancerous spot; thank God I asked him, “Daddy, are you sick?”

my 7th grade concussion which took me years to fully recover from


I am from my college experiences

friend-sandwiches that calm my tears,

almost-somethings and almost-somebodys,

being shamed and being proud,

“we’re old enough to know better, and we’re doing it anyway.”


I am from fears conquered

the dark


being alone

the unknown



10 thoughts on “I’m From…

    • I think you might’ve misunderstood what I meant by that. It’s not fear of getting involved, it’s a general lack of crime that then sparks people to not worry about it all–leaving their doors unlocked, etc.


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