In My Ideal World (Tanka)

In my ideal world…

My water bottle

Would always be icy cold

And so refreshing.

It simply tastes best that way.

A small, significant change.


In my ideal world…

We wouldn’t shake hands.

We’d clench our fists and gently

Touch them together.

No more sweaty, dead fish hands.

Greetings would be casual.


Casual clothes, too:

Workplaces rife with sweatpants,

Comfort reigns supreme.

No need to cover tattoos,

Come exactly as you are.


In my ideal world…

We’d have two choices

For recharging our bodies:

Sleeping or laughter.

Smiles would fuel our busy days.

Friendship would cure exhaustion.


It’d begin early.

We’d often wake up to texts

From friends near and far

Telling us that we are loved,

Important, and beautiful.


This post is part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Tanka. Tanka is a form of poetry similar to haiku that follows a different syllable pattern: 5-7-5-7-7.

5 thoughts on “In My Ideal World (Tanka)

  1. Fun. I like this one – everything but the sweat pants! :) I especially like the laughter for recharge. That would be a really good system!


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