day 6

This is the sixth photograph in my photo series entitled What a Dancer Needs, which I am unveiling all this week. All copyright is my own, please do not use these images without my written permission. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or critiques in the comments below! 

6 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. I’m loving this series. Do you have any more in mind? You can just answer yes and not say what you have in mind. That would be cool.
    Not sure if this is intentional or not, but at the very right edge of the photo, there’s a girl not dancing, and for me, her positioning on the outskirts of the photo is symbolic of the rhythm title. She’s not got it; she’s not in the photo.


    • I do have a few more series in mind, one of which will definitely be out in August. I’m also going to post a few more dance photos since people have been responding well and I have a handful of other favorites.
      It definitely wasn’t intentional, but one of the things I love about art is that the viewer picks up different things than the artist does. I like your interpretation of her, thank you for sharing!


      • That is the great thing about all art. It is supposed to mean something to different people, and probably different things to the same person depending on their mood at the time.

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