This is the eighth photograph in my photo series entitled People of Portland, which I am almost finished unveiling. All copyright is my own, please do not use these images without my written permission. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or critiques in the comments below! 

Function + Beauty = Casa Batlló

The Sagrada Familia is Antoni Gaudí’s most famous work of architecture, but it definitely isn’t his only design that attracts tourists to Barcelona. Casa Batlló is sometimes called the “House of Bones” because of its facade, which has skeletal pillars and balconies. The green and blue tiles that cover the facade also give it an…

halloween costume

Don’t Touch to Touch Lives

UNICEF has been on my radar for a long time. Almost my entire life, in fact. I attended a private Episcopalian school for the first three years of my schooling, and come Halloween our teachers gave us  the classic orange boxes and expected us to ask our neighbors to donate a little change to help…