Stanley Park seawalk

Stanley Park

Stanley Park, a behemoth covering 1,000 acres of land next to downtown Vancouver, is nothing short of impressive. Beside its enormity, it also boasts dozens of natural landmarks and manmade attractions, which satisfy both outdoorsy and culture-seeking people. The park is surrounded by about 10 kilometers (roughly 6 miles) of the Vancouver Seawall that separate the forest…

Shower Struggles

My first week of college, I walked in on my new next-door neighbor in the shower. In my defense, the door wasn’t locked, there wasn’t a towel hanging over it, and somebody was in the other shower in our communal bathroom, so there was no way I could’ve known. But that doesn’t make it less awkward.…

Following The Rule

 This photo from my archives is rare in that it follows the Rule of Thirds. Frankly, I tend to ignore the rule; while I value the idea behind it–that off-center compositions tend to be more interesting–I find grids too restrictive and calculated for my shooting style.