Three Days in Prague: Day 1

Prague, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe. It suffered less damage than many cities during WWII, making it a great choice for architecture lovers, plus it’s still a relatively cheap place to stay even in spite of its growing tourism. 

I stayed for six days, but I think you could cover all the highlights in three. Here’s Day 1 of your three-day Prague itinerary!

Morning: Free Walking Tour

Have I become a total broken record yet? I pretty much always recommend starting each new city with a walking tour to orient yourself and learn a bit about history and local customs. Even though I was in Prague over a month ago, I still distinctly remember two anecdotes from the tour:

1) The Astronomical Clock located in Old Town Square was voted “the second most overrated tourist attraction in Europe.” The first, in case you’re wondering, was the Mona Lisa.

2) Supposedly a few hundred years ago there was a veritable pandemic of people getting in bar fights and throwing their opponents out the window to their deaths, which is why most bars are now underground in Prague. I’m not sure about the truth of this story, but it certainly made for some great moments in which my friend Rosalie and I threatened to toss each other out our hostel windows.

Early afternoon: Lunch at Amos

The front desk guy at our hostel recommended Amos to us because it was nearby, delicious, and offered authentic Czech options. I ordered svíčková, beef with dumplings in a cream sauce, which I highly recommend. We even got the waitress to help us pronounce it (“sveetch-kov-ah“), since those accent marks left us scratching our heads.

Note: I do actually have a photo of my svíčková, but I must tell you that the dish is pretty ugly to look at and that we’re all better off just eating it than photographing it. Moving on.

Mid- to late afternoon: Old Town Square & churches galore

I love a happenin’ main square, and Prague’s is top notch. Your walking tour surely did a quick romp through the middle, but you can spend at least two hours here on people-watching (my favorite is the guys who create whole flurries of bubbles by waving soapy nets through the air for people to admire or pop), gathering for the hourly Astronomical Clock show (yes, it’s overrated, but when in Prague!), and wandering through Týn Church and St. Nicholas Church and any other areas that catch your eye. There are a handful of galleries/small art museums on the square as well if you have time.

Evening: Dinner and beer at Zlý Časy

Prague is known for beer, and this pub has a truly extensive menu of local and imported options. The place has three floors, but don’t let that fool you: getting a table can be tricky. Arrive early to nurse a beer the size of your head until you’re ready to order one of their delicious burgers. Our bartender spoke no English–the sign of a good place, if you ask me–so if you’re not an aficionado, you’ll likely have a hard time trying to choose without the ability to ask for recommendations.

With your belly full, head back to your hostel/hotel/Airbnb/Couchsurf and get some rest. Days 2 and 3 are gonna be busy!

Ready for more? Check out your Day 2 and Day 3 itineraries!


13 thoughts on “Three Days in Prague: Day 1

  1. Prague has always looked amazing. Unfortunately, it’s become one of the destinations of choice for drunken stag and hen parties in recent years which is a shame because around 10 years ago, it was touted as the next culture city destination of choice. I’d still like to visit though :)

    “A beer the size of your head”. lol.. in the UK, that’st just called “a pint”. Can you remember the name of the beer by any chance?

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    • There definitely was a distinct pub crawl culture, it was LOUD at night staying in old town. Still worth going I think, but staying slightly farther out might make it better.

      I don’t remember the name of the beer, but it was a wheat beer and actually might have been Belgian not Czech. I’m not a big beer drinker so I ordered something I had a good chance of liking.


      • You chose wisely (I’m a proud beer snob :) ). Wheat beers are sweeter, lacking the sharpness of hops that puts most people off, There is a great Canadian beer called Grasshopper I recommend. I’m not sure if you can get it where you live though as it was limited to western Canada and the northwest US the last time I checked.


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