HI know the speed limit of every road, but I don’t recognize the new development where the farm used to be.

Will I ever come back?

And if I do come back, will I forever know the speed limits, or will someday I forget?

And if I do forget the speed limits, will I someday forget where the serving platter lives and which shelf the crackers belong on?

And if I forget the order of things, what will I forget next?

This post is part of the A-Z Challenge. My theme is April Scribble, which includes microfiction, small vignettes, and poetry.

This piece is inspired by my sister’s beautiful writing: On Coming Home

For more alphabetical goodness, click here.  

6 thoughts on “Hometown

  1. It’s a scary thing to think of what we will forget and when and if things will spiral out of control. Will we forget everything, even the most basic things like what goes where in the kitchen; or where the kitchen is; or what is a kitchen? Scary thing.


  2. An intense piece of writing. Enjoyed the microfiction and the questions it posed. A little disturbing, but delightful reading

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016


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