Wandering Through Vondelpark

There was only one sunny day during our entire Amsterdam trip, and it also happened to be the day that Matt and I wandered off and did our own things. We agreed on a time to find WiFi and communicate with each other, but were otherwise independent from each other.

Yet he and I both ended up in Vondelpark, though not at the same time.

I ambled slowly through the main part of the park, snapping photos and people-watching, and I fell in love with it.

Frankly, I think I like Vondelpark better than I like Central Park. And you KNOW how much I love New York.


10 thoughts on “Wandering Through Vondelpark

  1. Isn’t that funny how you both ended up there? My son and daughter did the same thing last May when they were both in Tokyo! They ended up in the same mall food court without knowing the other would be there!


    • Yes, I have been to London. Actually stopped there for two days on our way to Amsterdam, but went for a week or so when I was younger too. I’m sure we hit Hyde Park, likely Regents Park too.


  2. You went to Amsterdam? That’s really cool :). It’s my home, so I always feel a bit of pride when someone comes here. Glad to read you enjoyed the Vondelpark, I think it’s a great park as well.


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