untitled33When I mess up, and lord knows I mess up, all I want to do is unzip my skin. My mistake envelops me, creating a membrane of someone else–someone who isn’t a good friend, someone who hurts others.

When I mess up, I confront my mistakes. I lay myself out, raw, unzipped, uncovered, unprotected. I just want the five feet of apology between us to be genuine.

“I did something wrong. I wish I could make it right, and I can’t, but I hope you can forgive me in time.” That’s what I said to her, and that’s all I could say, because I didn’t expect forgiveness.

An apology is how I verbally hold my head in my hands and show how desperately I ache for a redo button to fix what I’ve done. “I’m sorry” is my promise that I grieve for both the loss of you and of the friend I thought I was.

“I’m so sorry” couldn’t fix it. Nothing could have fixed it.

It was like watching a zipper break and irreparably split apart: all the pieces are there, but they no longer fit together the way they used to.

Adapted from “Unzipped,” published October 28, 2014.

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