The Only Words

DSC_0081He wasn’t a reader, but he promised to read my favorite book, knowing how desperately I wanted him to love words the way I do.

He started reading in June. Two months later I boarded the plane to New York with a memory on replay: running to his car in the rain the night before, only to hear the few words I didn’t love.

He was on page 5. He never even finished the first chapter.

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8 thoughts on “The Only Words

      • I’ve been thinking about the article you posted the other day (was it here or Facebook?). It actually makes me hopeful because in the past, it has not been until the youth of our nation that we have seen any kind of change. Back in the 60’s and 70’s…no change until youth began to protest across the nation. Your generation has it in their power to change things. I hope you do!


        • It was on Facebook. I saw a really powerful quote today by Shaun King: “If you ever wondered who you would be or what you would do if you lived during the Civil Rights Movement, stop. You are living in that time right now.”

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  1. Wonderful post. I could totally relate. My ex never read anything but work stuff…legal stuff. I hated that. Even when I bought him legal thrillers, he wouldn’t even pick them up.


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