Thursday Doors – September 10, 2015

downtown Vancouver doorIt took a surprisingly long time to get this simple shot. Apparently a lot of cars want to turn right at this intersection.

Taken in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

For more doors from all over the world, check out Norm’s Thursday Doors linkup.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – September 10, 2015

  1. I can soo identify with that. It drives me nuts when I just want to take a simple shot of something and traffic of some sort keeps getting in the way. Don’t these people know I’m busy taking pictures here?! :-)


  2. I share your pain on those shots. I took a picture of a door recently and I was mad at myself for parking too close to it (I have to go back). It’s odd that the graffiti is so high up. I would have expected to see it under the window. It’s in interesting door, I like all the small panels.


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