The Last Book I Read in One Sitting

monday-inspirations“The best books are the ones that you can’t get enough of. You read them in one sitting, turning page after page until you look up at the clock and hours have gone by.

I got lost in books often as a kid, but when adult time constraints set in I had to become conscious of my time and those one-sitting reads became rarer and rarer.”

Find out which book was the last one I read in a single sitting (and how it changed my life) in my latest guest post! 

6 thoughts on “The Last Book I Read in One Sitting

    • Yay thanks Tara! I suppose the actual last book I read in one sitting is Lost At Sea, a graphic novel that’s only like 200 pages, but I’m not counting that because it took 45 minutes which isn’t an extended one-sitting, if that makes sense.


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