The Prompt Box

As soon as I could write independently, I was creating characters and developing plotlines and establishing settings.

In seventh grade we learned how to write academic essays, including writing theses and citing quotations MLA-style and analyzing their significance. Suddenly writing was tedious, unrewarding work. I had to follow a formula, not my own inspiration. 

Creative writing was the first thing I quit, but it’s also the first thing I’m going back to.

writing prompt boxLast month I made a prompt box inspired by blogger Andrea Badgley. I cut up index cards, found a random word & phrase generator online, and filled the blank strips with words that enticed me.

My alarm now rings ten minutes earlier than it did before, and I find myself waking up excited to draw a prompt from the box and spend my day’s first minutes freewriting the world of a previously unknown character, based on that random word or phrase.

Wheel. Expedite. Imperfect. Ice. Unoccupied nutshell. Heebie-jeebies.

Creative writing, I have returned. 

20 thoughts on “The Prompt Box

  1. I’ve made a prompt jar for myself in the past and as gifts for friends, as well. They are always well received…you can add a simple writing journal if giving as a gift.


  2. That’s a really fun idea, and you can get some great inspiration from free writing since your inner editor isn’t (normally) as busy criticising every word you write. I’ve been meaning to get back into free writing myself, maybe I’ll give the prompt box idea a whirl!


    • You should, I highly recommend it! I’ve gotten a bunch of cool ideas from letting my mind go wherever during freewrites that I’ll probably return to (and criticize, but to improve them).


    • It’s been going really well. I’m currently on summer break so I don’t have much of a routine (namely, no alarm clock) so I’ve been slacking a bit more, but once I start working it’ll become part of the daily getting-ready motions.

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