Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

Prep time: 4 years of high school      Cook time: at least two semesters of college      Serves: 1

3 oz.        realizing you don’t actually like the classes for your major that much

6 oz.        researching other majors’ requirements

3 oz.        wishing you’d chosen a different major

2 tbsp     hearing how great your friends are doing at their schools

1 tbsp      wishing you’d chosen a different college

1 cup       pressure from parents and professors

1 cup       thinking you’re never getting a job

3 cups    tears

12+          sleepless nights

1 lb.         crippling fear of adulthood


1. Combine the following ingredients in a large bowl: realizing you don’t like your major that much, researching other majors’ requirements, and hearing how great your friends are doing at their schools.

2. Add half of the following ingredients: wishing you’d chosen a different major, wishing you’d chosen a different college, pressure from parents and professors, thinking you’re never getting a job, tears, sleepless nights, and crippling fear of adulthood.

3. Stir vigorously until you split in half.

4. Repeat until graduation.

5. Add the remaining amounts of emotional struggles and regretting your choices.

6. Stir again, vigorously, until you turn 30 or you land a job that doesn’t make you broke and unhappy–whichever comes first.

7. Enjoy your quarter life crisis!

quarter life crisis

This post is part of my April A to Z Challenge. For more All Things College posts, click here 

23 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis

  1. I added change major 3 times to my recipe and now my current profession has nothing to do with any of my college majors! But I love my job. I guess sometimes you have to take the detours to get where you’re headed. Cute post!


    • Thanks Kathy! I’m currently in the process of changing my major despite only having 2 years left of school. A lot of people don’t end up working in a field related in their major, so I’m not too worried.


  2. Loved this! Pretty spot on! I remember a few weeks prior to graduation, calling my mom SOBBING regretting majoring in English, wondering what the heck I was going to do with my major, regretting everything, etc., etc. This was of course after changing my major FOUR times! Oi vey…. It worked out in the long run, but the quarter life crisis is real and it sucks!! Great post!! :-)


  3. This is one I do recognize. Other than the fact that I never graduated college. Are you sure turning 30 will solve this if it comes before getting a job that doesn’t make you broke and unhappy? Or would that be the start of a recipe for midlife crisis?


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