How To College

Are you a high school senior wondering how to college? Become a pro in 7 easy steps!

1) Stress over registration.


2) Never do your reading.


3) Dread every group project ever assigned…ever.

group project

4) Avoid laundry at all costs.


5) Only eat foods that are 1) cheap 2) unhealthy 3) easily prepared in your dorm.

food 3

6) Complain often about being broke despite your parents paying all your bills. 


7) Assume your degree won’t actually get you a job.


Congrats! Now you’re a college pro. 

P.S. Do your laundry and your reading. Eat real food. Don’t stress out too much about registration and graduation. For real. 

This post is part of my April A to Z Challenge. For more All Things College posts, click here 

32 thoughts on “How To College

    • My favorite is how in our dorm the oven doesn’t shut all the way (it’s not quite deep or wide enough to actually put a pan in there LOL) so we’ve figured out how to adjust cooking times so that things actually cook.


  1. I was the only person in one of my classes who did the reading every time… and there was pressure to continue to do so because my classmates were so blatantly open with the professor about not reading the text that he would ask me to summarize it for the first five minutes of class…. XD

    Alex Hurst, A Fantasy Author in Kyoto
    A-Z Blogging in April Participant


  2. Haha so funny! Especially the crappy food one – I ate so much crap when I was a student. Lucky I was still young enough to have a good metabolism – if I ate like that now I’d turn into a butterball!


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