17 More Photos to Take While Traveling

So travel selfies aren’t your thing? Never fear, you can still take ridiculous pictures while traveling to mix up your camera roll’s neverending series of churchesmuseums, architecture, and food. Here’s how to get top-notch international silly photos.

1. Monkey around


No more monkeys jumping on the bed.

2. Pretend every church belongs to you


That’s what the Christians did with the mosques, so you’re fine.

3. Lose an arm


Who needs proportions anyway?

 4. Always stick your face in cut-outs

10269412_10203617793796455_7099066069391888067_n 10357470_10203763589321252_9021313609015258488_n

The original PhotoShop.

5. Teach your parents how to sass.


My dad caught on quickly.

6. Bring prom to Portugal.


Feel free to skip the limousine and take a tiny boat instead.

7. Hug Redwood trees


They just remind us of home, okay?

8. Take any (and every) opportunity to become Vanna White.


I’ll buy a 15th century tile, Pat.

9. Be disrespectful of religious symbols.


In our defense, this Jesus was extremely terrifying.

10. Nakedly caress Hans Christian Andersen’s house.


Ah, the plight of literature fiends wearing straplesss dresses.

11. Become dogs.


Do they teach Spanish dogs to kiss on both cheeks instead of shake hands? These are the questions that plague me at night.

12. Honor Spanish traditions.


Didn’t like being a dog? That’s okay, be a bull instead. Or a matador, if you’re not into getting killed.

13. Attempt to get kicked out of museums.


We didn’t succeed. Life is so unfair.

14. Rock the meme graffiti.


Street art is badass.

15. Touch backlit castles.


All the locals do it, I promise.

16. Take photos for your Portuguese rap album cover.


When in Rome. I mean Sintra.

17. Become America’s Next Top Model(s).


Where’s Tyra when you need her?

18. Try not to fall down stairs.


I went to the Sagrada Familia and all I got was this awesomely ridiculous photo.

With these tips, you can up your silly photo game and create an album that will keep you laughing for decades to come. Go forth and be ridiculous!

10 thoughts on “17 More Photos to Take While Traveling

  1. Vanna White! Classic. Haven’t seen Wheel in ages. This is the way to holiday though. Thanks for the second batch of photos.


  2. Oh, these are great! I know I’m coming to this post a bit late but looking at these photos makes me smile. (: So many of these are humorous, though the stairs one intimidates me a bit – from that angle it looks a little scary…


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