Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillows

I started getting ready for bed and I noticed my pillow was missing. I immediately went to my sister’s bed, and found her reading with both of our pillows behind her.

Me: “Can I have my pillow?”

Her: “Oh, this is yours?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Her: “Here you go.” (she gave me the one immediately behind her, rather than the one closest to the headboard)

Me: “No, I want the cold one.”

Her: “Oh, I didn’t know you were one of THOSE people.”

One of my biggest fears about someday getting married is that my husband and I will get bored of each other, that we’ll run out of stories to tell. But then things like this happen, and I’m reminded that even the people who know me best don’t know everything about me. Even after 17 years of living with my sister, she still has more to learn. There are still stories for us to tell each other, and with each passing day there are only more.

DSC_0520“I was afraid we wouldn’t have material for conversation more’n’d last us a few weeks. I was afraid we’d run out and eat our meals in silence, that’s a fact. Well, you and I been conversing for twenty years now without any noticeable barren spells. -Dr. Gibbs, Our Town by Thornton Wilder

4 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillows

    • Thank you! & I agree for sure, especially if you also have the type of relationship where there’s no pressure to talk and silence is comfortable.


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