Dear Sabina, for future sad days or scared days or self-critical days,

602492_633755153301473_47815941_nSometimes you may feel disappointed in others or yourself. You may feel like you aren’t good enough, or like your failures are constantly being scrutinized. You may feel uncomfortable in your body or self-conscious about a strange bump in your hair.

It’s okay to feel like this, because it’s impossible to feel 100% wonderful every day. Besides, that would be boring and you would never get any stronger or learn to value a multitude of perspectives.

You may not be good at sports or music, but those aren’t the only talents out there. You can write, and with that, you can introduce people to topics and ideas they would’ve never considered. You can teach people about problems in our world, and in doing so can begin to fix them. You are a powerhouse of words.

You may not have a perfect complexion and your bangs don’t always behave, but your eyes glitter when you talk about your passions and you can recognize the beauty in your imperfections.

1456485_10202457465388970_2070923629_nSometimes you may worry about the future of your friendships and who will remain with you throughout college and beyond, but you shouldn’t let that keep you awake at night paralyzed with the fear of being alone. You are incredibly kind to those you love, you are sarcastic and charismatic, and you reach out to others so that they don’t have to feel that fear.

Your work ethic is incredible, and you don’t let anything stop you. You go into everything wholeheartedly, which may cause you occasional disappointment, but it also gives you the greatest joy.

You teach others how to make themselves better, and you impress and inspire your friends and professors and random strangers on a daily basis.

You are flawed, and that’s how you should be. You are also incredibly important, you are smart and capable, and you are beautiful. And that’s how you should be.

Best wishes.

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