April Showers Bring…?

“April showers bring May flowers,” goes the saying, but it took me eighteen years to discover that on my own.

gloomy treeSee, in Portland, March showers bring April showers which bring May showers. The only difference between winter and spring is the number of daylight hours and a ten degree temperature difference. It’s rainy starting in October and doesn’t stop until June.

That phrase about May flowers didn’t make sense to me. It was cute, sure, but I didn’t realize it was also true until this year.

New York has this thing called seasons, a foreign concept for a West Coast native. April here means the snow and ice has mostly melted. The weather alternates each day from a sunny 70 degrees to a raining 50 degrees to a flurrying 30 degrees.

And then the May flowers come out.

May flowers

27 thoughts on “April Showers Bring…?

  1. Bahahaha. Totally snickered at this one. We had a uncharacteristically dry winter and are having a very dry spring this year! Flowers all blossomed WAY earlier than normal. I’m dreading this summer….


  2. Oh, we’re having a fabulous (and unusually dry) spring in the Pacific Northwest here. I lived in New England for 3 years, so I know what you mean by distinct seasons. But, I much prefer the more moderate seasons here.

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  3. My 3-year-old is excited about spring time because it means we get to go outside more. He points this out every time he sees the beautiful flowers in bloom. :)


  4. I’m from a part of the world where season still excist (mostly) and this last week was the one where flowers bloomed.
    I love spring. I love seeing nature come to life again and creating so many new things. It makes me feel happy :-)


  5. Got to love the PNW weather! It likes to keep us on our toes with a random 83 degree day in between drizzling showers! :)


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