Close Up

CI was seven, and my Spanish teacher told me I was squinting at the board. I was happy enough being nearsighted; as long as I could read at night, it was all good.

I can’t do that anymore. I inch notes closer and closer to my nose until it hits the sweet spot between where it’s blurry and where my eyes are crossed. But it’s all good.



This post is part of the A-Z Challenge. My theme is April Scribble, which includes microfiction, small vignettes, and poetry.

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17 thoughts on “Close Up

  1. I realised that I needed a correction when I was already 24… Actually I started to have doubts a bit earlier when I could not read metro times and traffic signs.
    In school I was always up front, so no one ever noticed, myself included.


  2. I had to get glasses at age ten. Funny thing was the girl beside me also was having eyesight issues. We both kept raising our hands..saying we can’t see the board. I remember thinking the teacher needed to write the examples on the board with more chalk~


  3. I must wear glasses to drive or see a movie. Anything I want to see clearly that’s over about six feet away. I was like Solveig, it started with street signs. I couldn’t read them at night. I hated it at first, but now I’m used to it.


  4. I couldn’t read the board in 7th grade. Then when I got glasses, I realized that all street lights don’t have halos around them. It was more magical when I thought they did…


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