If We Were Having Coffee (March Madness Edition)

If we were having coffee, we’d acknowledge that it’s been awhile since we last met up. I’ve been working 25 hour weeks while going to school full-time (plus doing side projects–you know me) and this blog has fallen a bit by the wayside. I’ve managed to keep up book reviews, and I did a series of Amsterdam travel posts, but I haven’t been good at keeping up with reading people’s blogs.

IMG_8856If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this week was my school’s spring break. My boyfriend invited me to come home with him to Long Island, so off I went to the land of bagels and pizza and rounded vowels. We had a wonderful week–his family is so nice, we ate a lot of delicious food (although I’m not actually that into their pizza, much to his chagrin), and I got to laugh at photos of him when he was little. We also spent an afternoon at the beach and did a day trip to visit our friend Tori in New Jersey. And we watched a lot of basketball.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve gotten caught up in March Madness. I’ve never been a huge sports-watcher–I wasn’t raised with it, which means I never know who to root for (in anything but college football, that is, since I’m an Oregon Ducks girl). But the boyfriend convinced me to make a bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament, so I now have my team picks to support.

And who would’ve thought I’d turn out to LOVE IT? He’s mystified at my extremely quick transformation into a basketball super fan. Then again, it’s mostly my competitive side coming out. I desperately want my bracket to beat his, which is looking likely since his pick for the tournament winner lost in the very first round.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask for your update. Since we haven’t talked in a while, tell me what’s new!

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22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (March Madness Edition)

  1. I love the madness!!! My pick to win the championship is still in it, and thanks to Michigan State and West Virginia going home, I am still alive in my pool. Who did you pick to win it all?


  2. It is nice to meet you. I am not much og basketball fan since I realized watching last five minutes determine the winner.vI do stll enjoy footvall and baseball. My teams are the Seattle teams. Baseball preseason games are going on now The Mariners have now way to go but up. The visit to New York was a great time to get know each other a d it sounds like you did.


  3. You know, I haven’t yet been able to figure out basketball. It’s like I have some sort of mental block against it, because I just cannot figure out the rules. lol

    Sounds like you’ve been busy, too. Glad to see you back around, but I do understand what you mean completely. :)


    • Basketball is fairly basic on the surface level, but has a lot of weird uncommon happenings that make it confusing.

      Definitely busy, but glad to be back (and that goes for April, too).

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  4. Found your link on Weekend Coffee Share! I have been watching the Madness of NCAA Basketball this weekend too, and unfortunately my bracket is complete crap now. My step daughter on the other hand (she is 6) has predicted almost all of the upsets LOL I guess when you pick by the mascot or the color of the jerseys you have a better chance at winning ;)


    • Welcome!! My bracket is fairly well over too, but mine was also mostly random since I don’t know most of the teams. Maybe next year I’ll do it by the colors too ;)


  5. Thanks very much for the coffee. Can I offer you some Vegemite toast or perhaps you’d prefer a Tim Tam? This is my way of saying I know absolutely nothing about American sport. Actually, I don’t have anything to do with sport but am more of a beach walker, often with my dogs or camera in tow. Long Island sounds fun though.
    Hope you have a great week and would welcome you round to my place for coffee if you have time.
    xx Rowena


      • Thought you’d probably pass on the Vegemite, Sabina. Not very popular with Americans or others from overseas. I think it’s something you need to be brought up on. That said, my husband and son don’t like it but my daughter and I love it.

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