If We Were Having Coffee (Binge Watch Edition)

If we were having coffee, we’d have to get Dutch Bros. It’s my favorite local coffee chain–the key word there is local, meaning I can’t get it in New York. In some ways it’s a good thing, because that means I won’t spend all my money on their coffee and hot chocolate, but I also miss it when I’m away.

christmas treeIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been binge-watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix. I’d heard good things, so I gave it a shot, and I am absolutely HOOKED. So hooked that I haven’t done much else, and so hooked that I’m going to keep this short so that I can return to the series. These cliffhangers are killing me!!

If we were having coffee, I’d remind you that I’m still running my Read Harder Challenge book giveaway until December 31. Get in your comments and tweets now for a chance to win one of the books I reviewed this year.

If we were having coffee, I’d leave you with a photo of our Christmas tree. It’s 9 feet tall and one of the fattest we’ve ever had, filled to the trunk with my family’s incredible collection of ornaments from around the world.

If we were having coffee, it’d be your turn. What’s new? What would you tell me over coffee?


27 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Binge Watch Edition)

  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas tree. My husband and I just moved so we don’t have any Christmas decorations up. We can’t have a Christmas tree because of the cats anyway. I’d never heard of Dutch Bros, though Dutch coffee and hot chocolate are good. At least, better than what I know about American coffee, though I’ve never tasted American coffee myself.


  2. I’ve never gotten into Dutch Brothers. My daughter and her boyfriend prefer it to Starbucks but there aren’t a lot of them around so I never know how or what to order so I move along to the next Starbucks. I know what and how to order there! Does Dutch sell their coffee so maybe you could take some back to Ithaca with you? It might be good to grab a bag and treat yourself once in a while!

    Love the tree. We always had huge trees like that when my kids were little. Now that it is just me to bring in a tree and set it up and enjoy it, I just go with either a 7 foot artificial white tree or the tiny 4 foot Charlie Brown tree that Anderson picked out last year! Some day, if and when all the kids will be around with their kids, I’ll get a big tree again. Some day!

    Enjoy home as long as you are here. We have a snow mix in the forecast for the next couple of days so we’ll see if that materializes! Wishing you a fantastic 2016!


  3. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I went to Bangkok this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my TESOL friends and it was amazing and exhausting and I’m so not ready to reach my first class of the day in fifteen minutes (it’s Monday morning here and school’s in full session). I’d tell you that Im a bit jealous that you get to sit and binge watch TV all day because that sounds awfully nice right now. That and a nap!


  4. If we were having coffee…I’d tell you about the awful dog-sitting and kitten-sitting experience I had! Then I’d ask if you got anything good for Christmas…because who doesn’t want to show off their new cool stuff?


  5. Wow! Your tree is huge. Beautiful! We bought a small tree and I left it so late that my daughter was asking whether we were going to get a tree at all. That said, I’ve been reading about different Christmas customs over at Solveig Warner’s Advent Calendar series http://solveigwerner.com/2015/12/28/advent-calendar-overview/ and getting the tree up the week before Christmas isn’t so bad after all. The Germans tend to put it up on Christmas Eve, So, you could even say I was early!
    Thanks for the coffee. I’m not familiar with any of the American cafe chains. I get a cappuccino usually from a cafe with great cake and not that often.
    xx Rowena

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  6. I started watching ‘Jane The Virgin’ about 6 months ago and I agree, completely hooked. :)
    Love the tree, it’s amazing and while I don’t drink coffee, I love hot chocolate. :)
    Hope this new year is being good to you so far. :)


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