If We Were Having Coffee (Cooking Up A Storm Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d probably offer to cook you a meal instead. I’ve been obsessed with food recently: finding recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking. I’ve even been watching an incredible amount of Chopped on the Food Network. (Seriously. I watched seven episodes on Labor Day. Somebody help me.)

chopped breakfastMatt and I even played Chopped–he chose caramel corn rice cakes and eggs and I chose pesto and grapes, and we set the timer for 25 minutes. He could use any other ingredients from the kitchen too, but had to use those 4. He made caramel-crusted bacon strips with a rum raisin sauce and pesto scrambled eggs. It was delicious. Not cohesive, admittedly, but still yummy.

I think I’m still just really excited about having a kitchen again–something I’ve been missing for the last two years while living in the dorms. At home I cooked occasionally, but I’m loving being in charge of all my own meals and getting creative with what I can make from the random ingredients in my fridge. I also love how the “food thing” has become a productive, gratifying way to procrastinate.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m still loving my new communications classes. I feel like I belong there, like I’m thriving instead of passively tolerating, and I’m excited for everything to come. I’ve joined two communications-related student organizations, which will give me both professional development opportunities and hands-on work experience. I’m so thrilled.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the work I’m doing for Blog Staycation, a virtual blogging conference happening this weekend. My goal is to finish October’s posts (September is done already!), start November’s posts, and add alt text to my blog images (which will be a process, since I’ve been slacking on that…forever).

Blog-Staycation-HeaderOther bloggers’ goals include making media kits, finding monetization opportunities, redesigning their pages, and moving to self-hosted sites–but content is king for me this weekend during the Staycation.

Throughout the weekend we all come together on Twitter chats & Facebook parties, share ideas and resources, and make connections. It’s awesome because it’s exactly as much or as little commitment as each person wants–it’s completely individualized. And free. Free is a very good price..

And then, of course, I’d ask you: what do you want to chat about over coffee? 


18 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Cooking Up A Storm Edition)

  1. Oh that’s so great that you enjoy cooking!
    Changing for communication was the right choice then, you decided on the change during the A to Z challenge right?
    You are definitely ahead on your blogging schedule, I should watch and learn :)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. I love Chopped! haha! I can’t cook at all, though, alas. Sam is the cook of the house, and I’m grateful for it.

    That Blog Staycation thing looks really interesting. Am going to have to give it a closer look!


    • Unfortunately I got sick halfway through and couldn’t attend the last few chats or tick too many things off my list but I’m happy with the work I got done! I’ll definitely check out that post, it sounds so fun!


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