If We Were Having Coffee (Exhaustion Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I tried to write this post last night but was so exhausted that I basically transformed into one of those kids who throw tantrums when they’re tired yet deny that they’re tired (except I wasn’t denying anything). I ended up trashing what I wrote before passing out at 10:30 pm–and believe me, I wish it’d been earlier.

10 hour workdayThe 40-hour workweek is extremely taxing, especially because my job (illegally) doesn’t give 15-minute breaks. One day this week I worked 8:15 to 6:15, with one half-hour (unpaid) lunch break from 1:30-2. And I work as a camp counselor, which means that I’m constantly running and playing games and swimming and yelling and singing and dealing with loud noise and a lot of movement and multiple, simultaneous demands for my attention while expected to maintain high energy and patience. It’s completely overstimulating, and without breaks I have no chance to relax and regain my composure. I get home at the end of the day so worn out that I refuse to do anything that requires brainpower.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m going car shopping today. On the one hand, I’m excited to look at potential cars (I’m in the market for a used Subaru Outback) to take back to NY with me at the end of the summer. On the other, it’s going to be 102 degrees today, so kill me now.

If we were having coffee, I’d explain how I’ve been truly living up to the reputation of the Lazy Lambs Book Club. Started by Diana, Hannah, and Allison, I joined in this round to read A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. Today is the “deadline” and I’m only halfway done with the book due to laziness/exhaustion/other priorities. For the most part, I’m enjoying the book, but I could abandon it now and feel no separation anxiety. Have you ever felt that way about a book? I hardly ever quit books, so feeling like I should just go ahead and quit this one is a strange feeling.

Speaking of quitting, I’ll quit chattering now. If we were having coffee, it’d be your turn. What would you tell me about this week?


24 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Exhaustion Edition)

  1. Your job indeed sounds exhausting! And I can totally understand why you’d want to pass out at the end of the day. You should insist on your breaks, though, because next to your energy, your sanity is most likely to go bye-bye! Thanks for the coffee, and good luck in the week ahead!


  2. I know how tiring it is to be constantly supervising children in their daily activities and to do it with no break is horrible. How many weeks are you working the camp? I hope this week is a little less tiring but with kids, probably not. :( I hope the car shopping works/worked out well. Be careful of those sales people, especially when they keep having to go back to consult with their supervisor/manager. Try Carmax. They have the price right on the car, no haggling.


  3. That’s awful! :( They should be giving you breaks…. I’m a teacher, and know the difference they can make!

    But yay car shopping. ^_^


    • They make SUCH a difference but they’d probably have to hire another whole person just to cover breaks for 35 counselors–I don’t see them being down with that even though it’s, you know, the law.

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      • I don’t know how the camp is structured, but they should be able to do it. :( Rolling basis, “tag you’re it” for breaks, etc. It’s unhealthy for you guys and potentially bad for the kids if you’re all feeling stressed and not in top form!

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  4. I’ve had those camp counselor jobs with the no-break thing. It’s pretty cruel, even if the work can be fun.

    Sorry to hear you’re abandoning the book! We’re leaving the linky up until next Saturday for anyone who wants to join in.

    Hope the car shopping went fairly well!


    • Haven’t decided if I’m abandoning the book, but I’m seriously considering it. My time is more valuable then ever right now and I shouldn’t struggle to make time to read something I’m not super enthusiastic about, you know?

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      • True! I have real trouble putting down a book—I should probably do so more readily, but I have this thing about knowing how a story ends. But sometimes it’s more important to redirect energy than to keep going just to see how the story ends.

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  5. I do hope that you have been able to make the most of your very well deserved weekend.
    And I do hope that you’ll get some more breaks, because your job is not a sedentary one, you are going to be exhausted physically and psychologically… You don’t to go back to uni completely exhausted and in need for a break…


  6. Sorry to hear about you being so exhausted, but super stoked to hear about you car shopping. I love car shopping even if I’m not going to buy. You should definitely say something about that no break thing. Even if they don’t give you two 15’s they could at leaf give you and hour (two 15’s and your 30 minute lunch break). Your mental health and overall health depend on being able to recharge.


    • I really need to say something. Maybe I’ll go chat with the HR rep, since I feel uncomfortable bringing it up with my direct supervisor (he’s a rather off-putting person, plus is almost always unavailable).


  7. I work at camps for kids and/or adults with disabilities. And they’re overnight so I completely feel your pain (they rock-climb, zipline, play games…it’s exhausting!). I am thinking of quitting a book too – but the only thing keeping me going (except I took a break to read Flowers for Algernon…thanks for that btw!) is that the cover has a black cat on the front that looks like my own cat sooo…i’m a crazy cat lady.


  8. You should definitely say something, you can’t be the only one suffering with no breaks. Plus, illegal.

    Totally know what you mean about being halfway through a book and being fine with leaving it. With this one in particular I’d just stop if I were you, it’s pretty much the same all the way through. (But weigh in on our next book choice!)

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