If We Were Having Coffee (Redesign Edition)

happy birthday to meIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I learned this week that I should only ever drink decaf. On Tuesday I got a medium iced mocha, and I was talking so fast that nobody could understand what I was saying. Today I’ll have a decaf iced mocha instead.

If we were having coffee, I’d show you that I redesigned my blog during those highly caffeinated hours. The layout was feeling a bit tired to me, and keeping things fresh is good. I spent many hours going through new themes, making mockup sites, and getting feedback from Hannah, Allison, Amanda, and Veronica. I’m really happy with the new style, but I’d want your feedback, of course, accepting both compliments and critiques.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that on Thursday I had the most low-key birthday I’ve ever had. Ever. Last year my sister and I went clubbing in Madrid for my 18th, but my 19th was spent chatting with long-distance friends, reading, and watching The Office.

While part of me felt disheartened by being friendless on my birthday, I really enjoyed spending the day with no agenda whatsoever. I went mini golfing with some family on Friday (coincidentally an activity that I also did for my 17th birthday with my then-boyfriend) and will have a special birthday dinner with them tonight. There’s cake to be had, you know?

macro lens attachmentIf we were having coffee, I’d show off my new dual macro/fisheye mini-lens I got off Craigslist. It’s halfway between a filter and a full lens, but for people working on a budget it’s a good way to get macro shots. The guy I got it from was really friendly, and even threw in an adapter that I needed to make it fit on my camera for no extra money. I’m really excited to start shooting with it this summer.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I start back at my camp counselor job tomorrow (yes, I have to report to work at 8:30am on a Sunday). I did it last summer, and I had so much fun with the kids and my coworkers that I accepted the offer to come back this year. Now that I’ve proven I’m responsible, I’m likely to be assigned a more steady group of campers (and a more predictable schedule) rather than floating around each week. Part of me is looking forward to getting to work, and part of me is dreading giving up my totally flexible days at home.

And then, of course, I’d turn it over to you. What would you tell me over coffee?


33 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Redesign Edition)

  1. I’m glad you got to at least enjoy a little bit of that unstructured summer! I worked at a daycare center most of my vacations from school (summer AND winter when I actually flew back home for winter break), so had less of that free-floating-fun time.
    But working at a camp – what fun! That’s one of the jobs I kind of always wanted to do but never quite got into. Have fun!

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  2. I promise next year we will have a blow out birthday with you <3 unless you want a low key 20th which is dope too! Good luck tomorrow, and I can't wait to see your photos with the lens!!


  3. Hello lovely! It’s been ages since I stopped by, but things have been crazy! I love the redesign and loved catching up via that ‘if we were having coffee’! :-) xxx


  4. I don’t think I knew what your old format was, but I like this one very much!! I started blogging a few months ago and my format is “OK” but I want to look for something different. I just wanted to get started so I didn’t want to overthink it too much in the beginning!!


    • I chose my old theme for very specific reasons, so I was picky about the revamp. It isn’t so different-looking that it’s alarming, which is why you don’t notice a HUGE change, but I’m much happier with it. It’s worth investigating if you want a new layout!

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  5. Probably about all the ideas I have for this rather odd supernatural-crime-comedy novella I started writing last week and how it’s going to be the weirdest thing I’ve every written.

    Glad you had a good birthday!


  6. The site looks great and Happy Belated Birthday! If WE were having coffee, I’d be a very bad girl, as preggers ladies aren’t supposed to… so perhaps for now I’d settle for a decaf tea. In October I shall have a Caramel Cappuccino.


  7. The new layout is spiffy! It still feels fun and pops, but I have noticed that your top logo is looking fuzzy these days. Anyway to turn it into a vector, so it scales appropriately for your blog?

    The new lens looks cool! Super jealous. ^_^


    • I know it’s fuzzy :( I actually hired someone to make it back in the day and gave dimensions for the old theme. This one is bigger, and the resolution was pretty low, so it got pixely despite me adding the white space around it in Photoshop for the new dimensions. Not sure if there’s anything I can do except try to redesign it myself.

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  8. Well happy birthday :D It’s not a bad thing to celebrate in a low-key way…much cheaper and memories stay longer lol I must say I’m digging your new layout. Take care and have a good rest of your weekend!


  9. Happy belated birthday! I want to say that sometimes low key birthdays are the best but then I wonder about other birthdays because mine are always low key. It’s on Christmas day so my birthday always takes a backseat. It is remembered at midnight and I get the kids’ birthday wishes in person or by text. Then it is remembered again after dinner when there is some kind of dessert. Usually it’s not birthday cake (or at least it hasn’t been for the past six or seven years). I miss that. I want cake. I’ll be 60 this coming Christmas and I think my only request will be that I have birthday cake because…well because it’s a milestone and because I can still enjoy it this year. Next year, who knows?!

    The camp job sounds like a lot of fun. A lot of work and early/late hours probably, but fun. At least I hope it is! Enjoy it!


  10. I just wanted to say that the “If we were having coffee” posts are really cool. Your readers would know them as life update posts and chit-chatty, personal articles about your own life. I ALSO DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE ONLY 19?? SO YOU’RE A FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE IN COLLEGE?? SO WE’RE LIKE THE SAME AGE??? For some reason I thought you were older…????


    • They’re a really nice way to kinda check in, and since it’s also become a linkup I’ve gotten to know a bunch of other people via their chatty posts.
      YES I just turned 19 but I’ll be a junior in the fall! Which is probably why you thought I was older.


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