May Favorites

May Favorites

Practicing Pride

“I vowed to stop apologizing for my disability, my difference, my need for assistance,” writes Dee of DeeScribes for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2015. Her writing is a powerful reminder to be ask for help when we need it and to be proud of who we are–disability or no. I love Dee’s admirable humility and willingness to unapologetically admit her imperfections in this piece.

One of these things is not like the other

Luther Siler is a funny man, plain and simple, but when he took on one of my favorite forms of humor (namely, making fun of ridiculous advertisements and other follies in capitalism) in this post, he had me cackling. This is a must-read.

I Remember…

Britta wrote this post based on mine of the same format, and she did it well, evoking poignancy and nostalgia and fun in her memories. The best kind of writing is the kind that says enough but also leaves you wanting more, and this post has that.

Co-posting: an experiment in styles

Melinda and Ehpem are wonderful photobloggers who decided to go on shoots together and then put each of their best photos together in a post for comparison. A bit risky and nerve-racking? Sure. And that’s what I love about this series: sometimes I preferred Melinda’s, sometimes Ehpem’s, but either way viewers get to clearly see how photographers’ visions make the art what it is–no two people will get the exact same photo, even with the same subject matter.

The Office

I got Netflix this month, y’all, and the first thing I’ve done with my subscription is watch The Office all the way through. I’ve seen episodes here and there, but never from start to finish. I’m currently on Season 4, and it’s only been about two weeks. If that’s a problem, I’m okay with it.


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