If We Were Having Coffee (End of Year Edition) 

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you to speak up–I’m sick, and it’s affecting my ears, so I can’t really hear much at all. That could be a problem, since on Monday I have to listen to & transcribe speech productions for a final.

slope dayIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you that finals have been going pretty well. Not too overwhelming, but that’s mostly because I haven’t been letting them stress me out. That means I’m mostly pretending they don’t exist and enjoying my last few days here by doing non-academic things (like going to Slope Day at Cornell and jumping in the alternating warm and freezing waters at Second Dam gorge).

I’d tell you that this is the first and only post I’ve written on my phone using the WP app. Yesterday I spilled all over my desk, and while I got most things off the surface in time to prevent irreparable damage, my laptop charger drowned and no longer works. So I have only a few hours left of battery–I guess I’ll be learning conservation and rationing this week (plus using my phone as a computer whenever possible). Under normal circumstances I’d just order a new one and overnight it here, but I’ll be in four states in the next four days so to be safe I’m just sending it to my final destination–home.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how weird it feels that the year is ending. Frankly I can’t really believe it, my brain is convinced this is just another week where I’ll go to class and eat at the dining hall and go to meetings and sit around with my friends.

friendsYet it does feel different as the year comes to a close. My roommate moved out yesterday, so I’m now in a triple all by myself. Going to bed without her last night felt strange and lonely. Even with two fans running it felt too quiet (and not just because I can’t hear out of one ear).

I’m neither looking forward to nor dreading going home. It’s just happening, and I’m neutral about it. There are things I’ll miss about being at school, but I’m also looking forward to spending time in a less intense social environment.

And then, of course, I’d ask about what you wanted to discuss over coffee.

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27 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (End of Year Edition) 

  1. If you’re near Staples or some other store like that, there are generic power supplies for laptops. I left home without my power supply once and did that. You might also be able to find one at Best Buy. Just a thought if you get desperate.

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  2. Wow, it’s that time already? Enjoy summer break! It feels like a billion years since I was in university…


  3. One thing I miss about no longer being in school is that wonderful feeling of another semester over and a break from it. But I think, in the end, it’s a fair trade-off for not having to deal with beginning-of and end-of semester chaos.


  4. I hope your final goes well on Monday. Summer at home. I have memories of mine. Home wasn’t home for me because my parents moved 500 miles from home during my freshman year so when I went “home” it was to a strange house, strange city, strange neighbors, and no friends. I hope your visit back home is not like that. Enjoy what you can of it!


    • It won’t be like that, but things definitely have changed since leaving for school the first time. It’ll likely be my last summer at home for awhile, though.


  5. I’m glad you found a way to cope with finals. I hope you’ll do well enough on the speech transcription thing. That sucks that you spilled all over your laptop. Hope you’ve now learned never to eat/drink//etc. in front of it. I once spilled tea over my old laptop (when I’d just bought a new one, fortunately) and th ekeyboard needed replacing. My husband is quite good with these things, so he was able to replace the laptop keyboard eventually. (I always want two laptops in case one dies, because I don’t have a smartphone.)

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    • Luckily it wasn’t the laptop, just the charger, which is a much more replaceable item! But having a smartphone is basically having a second laptop so it’s all good.


  6. It’s fun to browse these comments and recognize so many A-Z blogs. :)

    Ah, I remember college finals before summer — it’s a strange time where you feel accomplished for finishing but sad for leaving, happy for the memories, and kind of not sure what to think when “home” doesn’t seem like such a concrete idea anymore. Best of luck with what’s left, and feel better!


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