#AtoZChallenge After Party!

We did it, A to Z Challenge bloggers! We’ve crossed the finish line!

One of the things I found my A-Z buddies saying on their blogs and during #azchat each week was that they wished they read more posts during the Challenge.

So to remedy that, and to celebrate our awesome achievements, I’m hosting a blog party on this very post!

A to Z badgeNever participated in a blog party? Here are some guidelines:

  1. Leave ONE A to Z Challenge link in the comments below. It can be your favorite post from the challenge, one that you wish got more love, or your most popular. It’s up to you!
  2. Visit other Challengers’ posts and leave them comments or tweet their links to spread the love. Make a friend, follow a new blog, or learn something from their writing.
  3. Feel free to also use this post as an open thread to talk about how the A-Z Challenge went for you!

Party on! 


158 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge After Party!

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