If We Were Having Coffee (Big News Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d have a lot of news for you, since next week has a lot going on.

I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement, so I’d start with the biggest news.


Designed by Jennifer Miller.

The Feminist Friday Project is becoming an e-book. The best posts from the 2014 series have been edited by Natacha Guyot into a collection that comes out on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day. I’ll have a piece in the anthology, along with a handful of other writers’ essays about feminist topics and a foreword by Gretchen Kelly. It’ll be available as a free download on Smashwords and a $0.99 download on Amazon, and the revenue from paid purchases will go to a feminist-friendly organization.

It’s exciting, y’all. Collaboration in the blog world is just so awesome. 

If we were having coffee, I’d have you write another blog-related event into your calendar.

On Monday, March 9 from 7-9 pm EST, I’ll be co-hosting a #BloggerPJParty Twitter chat. I love Twitter chats. I’m not always good about actually making it to the chats I have written into my iCal, but I end up enjoying most of the discussions I participate in and making some great connections with other bloggers. Most chats are only an hour, but this one lasts for two, so it’ll be twice the fun!


My first Instagram post.

Speaking of social media, my friends have been begging me for years to get an Instagram, but I always resisted. I found it especially narcissistic, and I tend to like people less when I see their Instagram posts. But I’ve been reading a lot about using it to drive traffic to blog posts and round out an online presence, so I’ve decided to give it a shot. If you’d like, you can follow me on Instagram @victimtocharm. We’ll see how it goes–maybe I’ll become addicted, maybe it’ll distract from my Twitter/Facebook pages that I already kind of neglect–but it’s an experiment. I’ll probably use Instagram to announce new blog posts, show snippets of my life, and do sneak peeks of photo shoots and travel destinations–in fact, I’ll take you through my trip to Boston next week.

Even though it won’t be a particularly warm spring break destination, it should be fun regardless. I’m staying with my sister, and I’ve never been to her college campus, so there’ll be a lot to explore. A lot of that trip will be powering through books for the Read Harder Challenge and writing posts for the April A to Z Challenge, but I’m also hoping to get some wandering/photography time in. I had a lot of that on my last trip to New York City, so I’ll be relatively silent next week and instead will be revealing a travel photo series on the blog showing you snapshots of Queens and Manhattan before they were covered in snow and ice.

Then, if we were having coffee, I’d ask if you have any news–big, small, blog-related, or from “real life.” And we’d share in the excitement together.


26 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Big News Edition)

  1. I’ve never taken part in your “if we were having coffee” so here goes!

    my friends have been begging me for years to get an Instagram, but I always resisted.

    Pfft, I still don’t see the point of taking pictures of your food. Don’t think I will bother, but then I don’t even have a Flickr account and I sometimes wonder if I should.

    Even though it won’t be a particularly warm spring break destination, it should be fun regardless

    A friend of mine moved to Boston from England last summer after marrying an American. If you’re interested in following him or hearing his thoughts on Boston, check him out.


    I’d ask if you have any news–big, small, blog-related, or from “real life.”

    I have a horror-comedy ebook due out on Friday :)


    • I’m definitely not going to be snapping photos of all my meals. More announcements, sneak peeks of photo shoots, whatever. Frankly looking at other bloggers’ photos is the real draw.
      I’ll take a look! I’ve actually been to Boston before but just never to my sister’s campus.
      And yay e-books!! I bet it’s exciting/nerve-wracking/relieving to finally have it out.


      • It’s my first ebook since December 2013 and that was a collection of short stories, my first one was a 13,000 word novelette, so this is my first original fiction for a long time.

        Enjoy Boston!

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  2. A mid-week coffee post? I knew the news had to be big, congrats!
    I’m sort of but not really on Instagram…once I get it all figured out, especially the using it to drive traffic to the blog part, then I’ll see you there.
    Looking forward to seeing the NY pics.


    • I considered saving it for this weekend, but the news was big and I’ll be away. Thanks!
      If I figure out Instagram, I’ll write a post about it for other hesitant bloggers. Then again, if I end up hating it, I’ll probably also write a post about it. It’s a trial run.

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  3. I resisted instagram for awhile too but now it’s easily my favorite social media outlet! Not sure how great it is at driving blog traffic, but it definitely rounds out online presence. I also find it makes me more observant of beauty (photo worthy moments) in my every day surroundings! But yeah, I totally judge people who post they’re meals all the time- that’s the worst cliche. Will follow you and also try to check out you PJ twitter chat! ALSO excited for NYC pics and your big news!!


    • A bunch of people I talked to SWEAR it’s good for traffic, but I kind of wonder if that only works for fashion and food niches. I’m giving it a shot and the worst that could happen is I waste a bit of time. When I have more info about the Twitter chat I’ll send you a tweet, and I’ll definitely have book updates on the blog too so stay tuned :)


  4. I haven’t joined Instagram yet, either. However, I keep seeing things and people I want to follow but I can’t without an account so I’m thinking I might get an account just so I can follow people, whether I post to it or not.

    Thank you for the reminder about the Feminist Friday ebook…I’ve just gone over to download it. I’ll send it to my Kindle in a bit so I can have it to read while I am out and about during the week.

    Enjoy Boston. I’ve been twice but would love to go again.


  5. Oh, oh, wait, there’s a blogger PJ party today, you say?!?! HOORAY!!!

    I’m abysmally late getting around to coffee posts because of how busy it’s been, sorry! Lots of amazing stuff going on, Sabina! (So exciting that I can’t stop using !! or maybe it’s just the coffee!)


    • There is!! You should join in :) And it’s all good–I also published mine mid-week last week but all the news is still news so the timing is just fine!


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