February Favorites

February Favorites

Burlesque, Boobs, and Bawdy Humour Revisited

Burlesque sometimes gets a bad rap for being degrading to women, but Rachel examines how it’s actually about feeling sexy and confident and being in control of your own body, which any feminist can get on board with. The piece is fun because it’s based in her own experience taking a burlesque class, but also analyzes the deeper meaning of this unique form of entertainment and its implications.

Science and Gender

Educational toys are gendered–but is that problematic? I see both sides: unnecessarily classifying objects into one gender or another creates an unfair expectation of what men or women can/should/do enjoy, but if girls are reluctant to be interested in science and we catch their attention with the chemistry of cosmetics, then I’m for it. This post on Nerd in the Brain is fascinating and examines the issue in even more depth.

To My Slain Brothers and Sisters

A truly beautiful read about tragedy and finding the beauty in a religion that is often on the receiving end of hatred and misunderstanding.

Here’s Why Drag and Blackface are Different

If you’ve never thought about it–I hadn’t either–drag and blackface are both adopting a difference body feature to take on a role. But they’re also extremely different practices, and this piece explains why. It reveals a lot about the gender-bending behind drag and the racism behind blackface, and why one is acceptable when the other most definitely is NOT. (Directed here by Odorunara.com)

Cee Says the Darndest Things

Kids are absolutely hilarious. It’s just a fact. Emily shows her daughter’s shining moments in humor in this piece–prepare to laugh. A lot.


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