Something Awesome This Way Comes

Two awesome things, actually.

Compassion-Logo-FINISHEDThe first is right around the corner: 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion. This is an enormous blogging event in which 1000+ bloggers will come together this Friday, February 20 to share anecdotes, short stories, poems, and more about what compassion means to them.

It’s a reminder to be good to each other, that kindness is more productive than hatred, that little interactions can brighten a person’s whole day.

As you know, I had a rough January, but February has been relatively good to me, mostly due to the compassion of others. And that’s what I’ll be discussing on Friday.

If you’d like to join in, dedicate your Friday to writing about compassion and reading others’ stories of kindness. There’s also a Facebook group for the event.

A to Z badgeThe second awesome thing is the April A to Z Challenge. Bloggers publish a post every Monday-Saturday in April, the first post starting with A, and they blog their way through the alphabet under a unified theme as the month progresses.

So what’s my theme, you ask?

As long-time readers of Victim To Charm know, I don’t exactly restrict myself to one niche or category of posts, so I wanted to keep my A-Z theme broad so it could encompass whatever I felt like writing.

Besides sleeping, the two things that occupy most of my time are blogging and being a college student, so I’m dedicating April to the theme “All Things College.”

It sounds a tad lowbrow, but I promise it won’t be filled with rants about professors and play-by-plays of frat parties (although, now that I mention it…that could be hilarious).

Instead, it’ll be more or less what you’re used to: a mix of personal stories, humor pieces, and information-based articles. Plus, I’ve got a handful of awesome guest bloggers lined up & I still have a few slots for other voices (email me if you’re interested!).

I’ve started writing some of the posts in advance, and I’ll continue to do that as much as possible, but you know. Sleeping and college student-ing. March around here will be heavy on photoblogging while I prepare written posts so that I can spend the majority of April interacting, both here and elsewhere.

Fire bugsThis challenge is huge for networking with other bloggers, since there’s a semi-official requirement that those doing the challenge have to visit other A-Z blogs. Meeting new people is the best part of blogging, in my opinion, so I’m excited.

I also signed up to be a “minion,” which is someone who helps the challenge’s administrators comb through the list of registered bloggers to ensure that they’re actively participating in the challenge and that there isn’t any inappropriate content on their blogs. I’m on the “Dragon Soldiers” team, hosted by Susan Gourley.

It’ll be a lot, I know. But taking on a lot is kinda my thing.

If you’re participating in #1000Speak or April A to Z, let me know! A little solidarity goes a long way. 


6 thoughts on “Something Awesome This Way Comes

  1. I’m excited about the A to Z challenge. I’m trying to get ahead to because April is a busy month, and I’d rather have time to read/comment/network then freak out about what to write.

    You certainly will have a lot on your plate but you’ll like it I’m sure. Do you know if there is an official tag/hashtag for the A to Z challenge?


    • I’m definitely trying to get ahead too, but school is busy too and doesn’t leave a lot of writing time. The hashtag is #AtoZChallenge, but I’ve also seen people shortening that to #A2Z I think…there’s a twitter chat this Thursday from 1-2pm EST and 8-9pm EST where we can ask!

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