Secret Santa

The first time I did Secret Santa was at age 10 with my dance team. We all drew names and bought each other silly plastic novelty items, scented lotions (going to Bath & Body Works was a big deal in those days), and candy.

I remember distinctly how my carpool friend would bring up Secret Santa on the rides home, pretending that she had picked someone else until the big reveal when I found out she’d actually picked me. I had NO CLUE, and my preteen mind was blown.

secret santaThe next time I did Secret Santa was last year in college. I was extremely nervous about it because I didn’t know the group of people that well. I reached my hand into the pot of names, willing with all my strength that I’d draw someone that I knew on at least a surface level.

Success. I drew a girl who I knew (we later became quite good friends, actually) and felt like I could get her something she’d actually like. The girl who drew me hardly knew me at the time, but somehow managed to give a really good gift despite how notoriously hard I am to shop for. And now we’re roommates (hi Viv!).

This year I’m participating in Secret Santa among bloggers hosted by Pam and Dani.

secret santa imageTo whoever has picked me: Hello and welcome! There’s a fair amount of info above in my “About” page (and you can stalk my social media from there). I go to college in New York for speech-language pathology, and I love reading, writing, knitting, and photography.

I’m starting to get into coffee but can’t stand Starbucks, public libraries are the best things in the world, and I adore Trader Joe’s. I’m not really sure how that info will help you cuz you’re not going to send me a library (unless…), but you know. Details, details. Mostly I don’t know how to introduce myself because I feel like my blog & my social media paint a good picture of who I am better than I can explain it. Feel free to look around :)

If you’ve ever done Secret Santa before, tell me about it in the comments! I’d love to hear horror stories & success stories of your gift-giving! 


8 thoughts on “Secret Santa

  1. As you know, I live in Dubai, and the department in the company I work for does one every year although Christmas isn’t recognized as a holiday here. We have staff from 15 different countries, 5 different religions, of various ages, and we all love it. A bit tough to buy for people you know so little about, but great fun regardless.


  2. My boyfriend’s mother participated in a Secret Santa one year.. and she thought it was for gag gifts (spoiler: it wasn’t). She bought a man-thong for her person. Apparently everyone opened the gifts with the whole group and she had to watch someone open and show a man-thong to the group and say it was from her. So, make sure the rules are clear!! :)


  3. My freshman year of college, my roommate and 4 other friends on our floor decided to do Secret Santa. We’ve done it all through undergrad and grad school at the same university, and this will be year 6. We’ve done themed gifts (bra/panties set, silly gifts, etc), but no matter who has who (some being closer friends than others), we all have a wonderful time. This year, we are all over the US and are managing to pull it together and do a skype-exchange so we can all be “together.” I hope our tradition continues, no matter how close we are, in distance or heart. Hope this Secret Santa exchange is a good one for you!

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