If We Were Having Coffee (Drowning Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I feel like I’m drowning a little. Schoolwork plus NaBloPoMo is overwhelming me, but I can’t give up on one and I don’t want to give up on the other.

FullSizeRenderOn Monday I was inducted into my college’s honor society, which means I’m in the top 10% of students in the health sciences school. That’s pretty significant, especially because the health science students are COMPETITIVE (physical therapy kids need to relax a little). It was a nice ego boost, and watching girls awkwardly clomp across stage in their six-inch heels was hilarious. On the other hand, the four hours I spent attending the ceremony and going out to dinner to celebrate didn’t help the stressed-about-schoolwork thing. And they announced my name as Sabrina. 

Then on Tuesday I met with my advisor to plan which courses I’ll be taking next semester. He said that sophomore year is the hardest by far in the speech pathology department, so that made me feel a bit better about my academic plan. He also said, though, that next semester is the heaviest workload of all. And that’s making me freak out.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that that drowning feeling is kind of worth it. For blogging, anyway. I took on the challenge of doing Blogging 201 for a second time during October, and I formed some great connections with my “class.” I never even mentioned that I was doing it, so here are the goals I made and how I did in relation to them:

  1. Reach 750 followers by January 1. I hit that number this week, which was unexpected given that at the start of the course (October 19) I had 550.
  2. More Twitter interaction (namely, tweeting at least once a day from my blog account until December 31). I could go check if I wanted, but I think I accomplished this too. I’ve been a lot better about the whole Twitter presence thing.
  3. Change up blog design: theme, text/image widgets, tagline. I came up with a tagline that I love, and I’m working on redesigning the header to include it. I looked through all the themes, but I didn’t find one that did all the things I wanted it to do, so I’m sticking with this one. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just wanted to force myself to see where I could improve on layout.

Another one of my goals was to eventually go to a blogging conference. BlogHer just released their conference dates, and it’ll be held in NYC, so now I have the added stress of trying to possibly rework my summer to stay on the East Coast (maybe in Ithaca? who knows) so I don’t have to do a mid-summer weekend trip when I could just stay the whole time. Flights are expensive, mkay?

And then, of course, I’d ask about your life as we sip our coffee. 


14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Drowning Edition)

  1. Congratulations on the induction! And on the followers!

    I can understand having a tough workload (being a college athlete and working, as well), but blogging is definitely worth the added stress. I find it kind of calming, in a sense.

    I’ve seen a lot of people talk of their twitter presence, which I’ve never though too much about, but I think I’ll also try to tweet at least once a day.

    Good luck with everything! Cant wait to see how things go :)

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    • Thank you so much! I find it calming too. I definitely need it to stay sane.
      I’m only increasing my Twitter presence because I know it’s a good way to form relationships, it’s not for promotion for me.


      • Ahh, I never thought of it in that sense! Most of the people I follow on twitter are just friends or acquaintances from real life. Are you basically trying to join into discussions and gain relationships there?


        • I do that too, but I have two separate accounts–one for blog talk, one for friend talk. I join in on discussions on NaBloPoMo, share posts from other bloggers, and participate in time-based Twitter parties (like #MondayBlogs and #SundayBlogShare). I also, of course, tweet when I have a new post. I finding forming relationships is the best way to get yourself out there, since those people will share your work, etc.

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  2. I know the feeling of drowning! At the moment work life is mental, I’m doing more with my blog than I’ve ever done before plus everyone (ok, not everyone but many of my friends and family) have birthdays this month (how inconsiderate of them :P) so I’m darting around the south of England every weekend. I made the decision not to join in NaBloPoMo because it would have just been too much! Congrats on your achievements as well, it sounds like all your hardwork is paying off!



  3. You’re doing awesome – celebrate the accomplishment of hitting your goals! That’s amazing! I, for one, am very happy that you continue to blog the way you do and feel fortunate that our paths crossed :) Keep it up!


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